wildlife photography

A Night With The Wolves

Arctic Wolf (Nikon Z6 + 500mm f5.6)

I knew that when my birthday rolled around in November, we’d probably still be staying put due to the pandemic. In 2019, I had flown to Dubai and Oman so I wanted to do something that still felt somewhat adventurous even if it wouldn’t be quite so exotic. I had heard that Parc Omega, a …

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Ottawa Photographer Receives PPOC Accreditation in Bird Photography

I’m thrilled to have received my 10th Accreditation with the Professional Photographers of Canada. This time in the Ornithology/Bird category. While I don’t really consider myself a bird nerd (ok, maybe a little), I first discovered how fun bird watching can be when I went to Zimbabwe with my Dad when I was 16. We …

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