Ottawa Photographer Receives PPOC Accreditation in Bird Photography

I’m thrilled to have received my 10th Accreditation with the Professional Photographers of Canada. This time in the Ornithology/Bird category. While I don’t really consider myself a bird nerd (ok, maybe a little), I first discovered how fun bird watching can be when I went to Zimbabwe with my Dad when I was 16. We received a checklist from the game lodge and our ranger pointed out so many beautiful species of birds that I got hooked. I haven’t been successful in backyard birding (darn squirrels!) but I do live close to a river that is visited by many types of birds, including some that stick around during our frigid winters. I also bought the Tamron 150-600mm lens back in September and it’s made capturing birds that much easier. My 70-200mm Nikkor lens is also a great lens and served me well in India and Iceland. One shot I’m especially pleased with is the one of the snowy owl. Last year, I was still recovering from a broken leg so I didn’t go out much but heard about the invasion of snowy owls in Ottawa’s surrounding open spaces. I told myself that I HAD to go out this year. I lucked out on a cold but clear day and saw not one but two of these majestic owls and came home with great images. So yeah, I guess I am a bit of a bird nerd… 🙂

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