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April 2023: Mexico

May 2023: Fiji, Jordan, Barcelona

September 2023: Puerto Rico

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2023: New York City, Portugal, Banff

2022: Texas, Belize, Yellowknife, Caribbean Cruise, Czechia, US Southwest, Morocco, Portugal

2020-2021: Peru, Newfoundland, Jamaica

2019: Dominican, Republic, Miami, Morocco, Northern British Columbia, Mediterranean Cruise (Spain, Sicily, Greece, Malta), UAE, Oman

2018: The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, California, South Africa, Namibia

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Photographic Artist of the Year Nominee 2022

The results of the 2022 PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) National Image Salon are my best yet! My bear image not …

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PPOC-ON Image Salon 2021

It’s that time of year again when the results of the regional image salon come in. Last year, I was a …

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Master of Photographic Arts – Second Bar

In the Professional Photographers of Canada, once you’ve achieved the coveted Master of Photographic Arts designation, you can continue to accumulate …

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PPOC Image Salon 2021 Competition Results

This year I entered 5 images (members can normally only enter 4 but there is a class for those with a …

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Arctic Wolf (Nikon Z6 + 500mm f5.6)

A Night With The Wolves

I knew that when my birthday rolled around in November, we’d probably still be staying put due to the pandemic. In …

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PPOC Fine Art & Photo Decor Accreditation

Last year, I received my 11th accreditation in Wildlife Photography. This year, I applied for Fine Art/Photo Decor and am pleased …

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