Winner of Photographic Artist of the Year 2018 & Best in Class Awards (PPOC-Ontario Image Salon )

On November 20, I found out that am the winner of 3 awards from the PPOC – Ontario Image Salon competition, a Best in Class for Namibian Sunset, a Judge’s Choice for Doorway Into the Past and the most coveted, Photographic Artist of the Year for 2018. To be eligible for the latter, you need to enter 4 images and have them not only accepted, but one or more should receive a higher score of Merit or Excellence. I received 1 Excellence (my first!) and 3 Merits. This was my best result yet! They also need to be in at least 3 different classes (eg. Pictorial/Floral, Animal, Fine Art, etc…) in the right category since there are other POTY (Photographer of the Year) awards in Commercial, Portrait and Wedding Photography. The awards are only given out if there are qualified finalists. I entered in the General category with images I took during my travels in the last year.

To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. I have been an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) for about a decade now and since the beginning, I’ve dreamed of earning such an award. Every year, I enter my images and am always happy when I do well and I have won a few individual image awards in the past but on my bucket list of career goals, this is a big one!

Next goal – similar results at the National level!

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