PPOC Fine Art & Photo Decor Accreditation

Last year, I received my 11th accreditation in Wildlife Photography. This year, I applied for Fine Art/Photo Decor and am pleased that all 10 images were accepted to grant me my 12th accreditation. Here is a description of the category and criteria.

Ten (10) images of ten (10) different subjects taken in ten (10) different situations. Fine art images may consist of unusual images, individual images or a series of images. The range of styles and treatments varies greatly, from the classic B/W scenes to more unconventional images. In fact, conventional beauty, formal design, and familiar subjects are often not components of fine art images and can include painterly effects, soft-focus, journalistic, bizarre and erotic images and other unconventional approaches. Fine art images are usually sold to individual collectors,
museums and business clients. Photo Decor is usually the term used to designate a print hung to decorate a room, whether in a private home, an institution, a corporate boardroom, a gallery, etc.
All images must be a “cut above” in their impact and visual interest.

Professional Photographers of Canada

Applying for accreditation helps me push myself to ensure my work continues to meet a high standard and to show I have the expertise and knowledge to call myself a professional photographer. It’s always a challenge since this is a very subjective art form and like most artists, I’m often my own worst critic, but it is important to have your work critiqued if you expect to grow and improve.

Some images may look familiar since most have been entered in competitions. That said, I’ve tried a few new looks with some of them, including converting to black and white. If there are any you’d love to see hanging on your wall, feel free to contact me. Prints as available in various sizes and can be framed, on a stretched canvas or printed on fine art paper and even metal!

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