The Best Job – Motherhood

This weekend, most of us will spend a moment or two to thank our mothers – whether they are still with us or not – for the selfless act of giving us life and raising us. I recently came across this amazing commercial that says it all, in a simple yet powerful way. Mothers have the hardest job in the world but it’s also the best. This video choked me up the first time and now gives me chills every time I watch it.

I feel so very lucky to be a mother and every day I know that it’s a huge responsibility and with it comes guilt and worry but also heart-bursting love that continuously regenerates me and lets me know that it’s all worth it. I also feel very lucky to still have my Mom around and though she doesn’t live in the same city, we are close and I love her very much. I also loved my Mother-in-law and wish she was still around so she could see what an amazing boy her grandson is growing up to be. I’m also grateful to have a Step-mom who I’ve grown close to and appreciate for the love and support she gives my Dad. And finally, in my work, I am so very honoured to meet moms-to-be and new moms. Photographing women for both belly and baby portrait sessions allows me to relive all the excitement and awe of becoming a parent. It’s just such a powerful, emotional time which is why, although I love cute shots of baby on their own, I always love to capture Moms with their newborn, like my beautiful client Stephanie and her sweet baby boy below.

Becoming a mother is when we finally ‘get it’. We finally know all that our moms did for us and how much they love us – so completely to the core. And so to all my fellow mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! You are AMAZING!

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