World Tourism Day 2019

September 27 is World Tourism Day and the theme this year is “Tourism and Jobs“. Did you know that tourism accounts for 10% of jobs in the world?

Almost four years ago, I decided to become a travel advisor and launched Focus on Photography Tours. This allowed me not only to plan photo tours but also to help people plan their personal travel. While many prefer using the internet over a travel agent these days, there are so many benefits to using someone who has the knowledge and connections to help you plan the perfect trip. We can often get the same price you see online but, in some cases, can offer upgrades or at the very least, be there for you should there be any issues during your vacation. Plus, you are supporting a local business. Like photography, one doesn’t become a travel advisor to make it rich. We do it because we are passionate.

What is your dream trip? A warm, beach escape during the dead of winter? Walking the Camino? Going on safari? Sipping a café au lait in Paris? I love talking to people about where they’ve been and where they are going next – or where they dream of going. I love travel because it has allowed me to learn more about the world than any book. I also love all styles of travel though I’ve yet to do any really active trips like trekking or cycling but can completely understand the draw. Many trips can be completely life-changing. We live in a very interesting time with more protectionism and wariness of ‘others’. Travel can help us see that we all deserve empathy and understanding. Once you can get a better sense of the issues that people in other countries are dealing with, it can really open your eyes and your heart.

So many travel companies are working hard to give back to local economies where they bring their guests and are trying to be more sustainable. Today is also the Global Climate Strike so I feel it’s more important than ever to make good choices as consumers. Cruiseships often get a bad rap but many are finding ways to not only do their part to have less impact but be a leaders in protecting our oceans. For example, Celebrity Cruises says this about their Environmental Stewardship:

Our responsibilities as a steward of the environment are central to our mission as a corporation. The environment is critical to our success. As a company, we have a history of innovation in the industry. We are equally proud of our reputation as a leader in protecting the environment. Celebrity Cruises values the environment and is committed to protecting and preserving environmental resources, preventing pollution and continually improving environmental management.

I feel honoured to be hosting a photography group with CWT Vacations for the next couple of weeks on a Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity. We will be visiting Barcelona, Mallorca, Sicily, Greece and Malta. All new destinations for me and all so rich in history and culture. Please follow my Instagram and Facebook page for updates and photos. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to blog while on our sea days.

I’ve been very fortunate that my new path as a travel advisor has allowed me to see so much more of the world and the more I see, the more I care to preserve it for future generations. I would love for you to see more of the world too. Please reach out if you’d like me to help you!

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