PPOC Accreditation – Botanical

I’m thrilled to announce that I have received my sixth accreditation from the Professional Photographers of Canada. This time in the Botanical category. This was a re-submission so the acceptance letter is that much sweeter. In order to receive an accreditation, a PPOC member needs to submit 10 images in one of over 70 categories. These images are reviewed by a panel of peers and all 10 images need to be accepted in order to receive an accreditation. If not all images are accepted, you have 2 years to re-submit replacement images. My other accreditations include Wedding Story, Maternity, Children High Key Portrait, Infant and Child Portrait, Nature and Pictorial/Scenic.

While some may argue whether being accredited can really help your business, I strongly believe that the process has made me a better photographer. It has pushed me to see my work more objectively and take critique as constructive criticism that has helped me improve my craft. While rejection is never easy, it just made me want to improve and prove myself even more. There is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving an acceptance letter and knowing your work is on par with a pretty talented lot!

Why Botanical? I have a soft spot for macro photography. A couple of years ago I bought the Nikkor 105mm f2.8G Micro lens. It’s my ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ lens and helps me slow down and notice the little things and appreciate their beauty. In fact, right now I’m recovering from a broken leg and fractured skull after I was hit by a car while walking my dog and crossing at a crosswalk on October 8. I have received the most beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements (along with so many kind words and gestures of support) and after not being able to walk and still dealing with pain and concussion symptoms, one of my biggest frustrations has been not being able to photograph them! The sign of a true photographer. 🙂

I hope you enjoy my images! Some taken in far off places, others right in my garden! There is beauty all around us. Just need to take the time to see it. Happy Shooting!

Botanical-Accreditation Press-release

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